Advanced Anatomy & Kinesiology: Upper Body

Instructor: Diane Kurtz, LMT


8 CEs   $175.00


Set yourself apart from other massage therapists by using kinesiology to its full extent! Highly skilled soft tissue therapists such as PTs and OTs use PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) techniques as an integral part of treating pain and injuries. Learn PNF techniques to release Trps and help muscles lengthen safely and comfortably in this very interactive class! PNF involves both the relaxation and contraction of the target muscle or muscle groups and has been used for decades in rehabilitative therapies and is easy to incorporate into your existing massage routine! Palpating with a partner, we will review key muscles of the upper body, including origins, insertions and actions. You will learn PNF techniques designed specifically for each muscle covered. Class consists of approximately 2 hours lecture and demonstration, 2 hours palpation and muscle location, and 4 hours practice of techniques. Bring 2 flat twin sheets, 2 hand towels, face cradle cover, and lubricant- crème or lotion only– no oil of any kind!

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