Burn Scar Massage Therapy

Instructor: Jen Hartley, LMT

8 or 12 CEs*    $160.00
Lancaster – Sept 2, 2017  9:00am – 6:00pm 


2015 EDUCATORS OF THE YEAR by the California AMTA

(American Massage Therapy Association)

Handle with Care Massage invites you to attend a new and exciting way to obtain your CEU’s. Earn 12 hours of specialized continuing education units in Burn Scar Massage Therapy.

Burn Scar Massage Therapy offers the following learning criteria: Learn to identify varying degrees of burns and the body systems they affect. Learn various psychological and emotional issues faced by burn survivors that can potentially lead to an “emotional release” during massage. Learn the positive indications as well as the negative contraindications posed by massaging burn survivors. Learn the proper burn scar massage protocol to treat the various degrees of burns in the different stages of recovery.

The class is an 12 hr course. The first half of class is information pertaining to the varying degrees of burns, types of scar tissue, the physical as well as emotional issues faced by burn survivors. It is presented with vivid power point photos of burn survivors and their scars. There is also a section which includes a powerful video description of burn injuries and recoveries.

We have a manual of all the information we share so that they can listen rather than having to scribble notes and the manual also has an outline of the protocol we cover in class and it is adapted for the therapist to be able to perform it if the burn survivor is bed-ridden.

The second half of class is when our burn survivor volunteers arrive. There is a brief period where they share the story of their accidents and answer any questions that the therapist may have and then we are hands-on for the remainder of the class. To me it is a unique experience and not because I am the instructor or a massage therapist, but because I have been a burn survivor myself since I was 15 months old. I know how important touch is to a burn survivor and I believe massage therapist have the opportunity to reintegrate safe touch back into the lives of burn survivors.

*Students will earn 8 CEs for participation in the classroom, and the additional 4 CEs by donating 4 hours of their time with either a burn survivor or at a burn survivor function to be determined later.

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