Instructor: Rosemary Bourne


14 CEs   $300.00     (this is a two day class)
 Lancaster – September 8-9, 2018  9:30am – 5:30pm   


Crystals have long been understood to transmit healing information that they
radiate and by which they interact with other living beings. Several years ago
Esogetics creator Peter Mandel began to work with the idea of imprinting custom
made Swarovski crystals to work with sick people. The crystals are cut in a
particular pattern to act as a cellular interference to balance disorganized
information. By opening these patterns it makes treatment procedures easier for
therapists as well as patients.
Students will learn and practice a series treatments so they can have a felt sense
of how these treatments evoke healing reactions. Treatments taught will regulate
brain balance, clear physical and emotional pain and balance inner tension.
These protocols can be easily incorporated in to a massage therapy practice.

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We are approved to provide CEs by the NCBTMB and the PA Massage