Jaci Daley, LMBT


African massage Instructor – Licensed Massage Therapist – Color Practitioner and Teacher

Jaci Daley, a native of South Africa, has enjoyed living in Brevard, North Carolina, USA, for over 16 years, where she has worked in various Spas’ and has developed her own business specializing in sports, therapeutic and African massage and color therapy. As a massage therapist for over 28 years, she is qualified in Reflexology, Color Therapy, Reiki, Thai, Hawaiian, Indian head massage, Swedish and Sports massage.  

She also enjoys practicing various other modalities like Cranio-sacral therapy, Metamorphic technique, lymphatic drainage and pregnancy massage.

Before immigrating to the USA, she owned and taught at the Center for Health, Education, Communication and Development, where meditation and holistic health, as well as massage were the focus of classes. With her passion for living a holistically balanced life,

Jaci’s desire is to share and teach African Massage; which is an innovative form of bodywork combining mindful and active massage practices. In African massage the therapist embodies the elements (of earth, air, fire, water, wood and metal ) with the massage techniques and invites the recipient on a journey of visualizing the elements or colors, during the massage. This engages the mind and assists to create the healing in the body. It becomes a very holistic and healing experience, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

African massage was inspired by Color Mirrors, the color therapy range that she learned with Melissie Jolly and she uses to help clients make transformative changes with themselves. Using the elemental spritzers from the Color Mirrors range in her massage practice and recognizing that we are all energy in motion (just like the elements) and when people have pain or tension in their musculature, it is often stuck energy that is not moving. By visualizing the energy moving and using color and various African tools in massage creates a powerful healing combination. 

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