Geist Dunn Sage LLC is the owner of Sage Continuing Education for Massage Therapy & the Healings Arts.  Started eight years ago by Lin Roussel as a product of her love of teaching, hostessing, and creating opportunities for others, Sage continues with the same desire to provide others a space for continued learning.  Sage has also expanded to the Western part of the state.  That location is in the Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, PA.

The current owners have been in the field of education and training for 40 years.  They own two schools, both teaching students to become Licensed Massage Therapists. One school is Lancaster School of Cosmetology and Therapeutic Bodywork located in Lancaster, PA. The other school is DCI Career Institute located in Monaca, PA. 

Deborah Dunn and Gerard Geist are the principals of the company and handle the day to day activity of Sage. 

Debbie holds a degree in education and Jerry as done a variety of training on the national and international levels. 

Debbie is also the President for the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators.  In that role she also serves as liaison to the State Board of Massage Therapy.

At Sage we are happy to work with a group of dedicated instructors who offer a wide variety of classes for people from all over.  Please take some time to review the class offerings and the experience of our instructors.

We look forward to seeing you at Sage.