Sage Continuing Education Center FAQs

Sage loungeAt Sage Continuing Education for Massage Therapy and the Healing Arts, we want to make you as comfortable as possible, so here are some important facts about our Center:

The Center is located at 719 Olde Hickory Road, Suite B in Lancaster, PA, on the second floor. There are about 10 steps leading to the entrance of the second floor. If you can’t walk up and down steps—no problem! There is a handicap parking space and entrance in the back of the building with a stair climber for your convenience.

There is an entrance to the Center and plenty of parking in both the front and the back of the building. Both areas are very safe for you and your vehicle. Just look for the number 719 above the door—at all three entrances.

Most of our massage tables, stools, and chairs are equipped for up to 350 pounds. If your body weight exceeds 350 pounds, please let us know and we will be happy to try to offer you equipment that will meet your needs safely, or you may bring your own.

Smoking during class breaks and lunch is discouraged out of respect for the students and instructors who don’t smoke or who are allergic to second or third hand smoke. If you must smoke, please do so at the back of the building and make sure to use the smoking receptacle provided for you.

Sage breakroomClean and functional restrooms and water fountains are provided for you in the hallway near our classroom. Hot coffee, tea, cold and hot water for beverages, condiments, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and indoor and outdoor eating areas are provided at the Center as well! There is also a restaurant (the Olde Hickory Grille) within walking distance from the Center that offers delicious, affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 6 am–9 pm daily, and, they offer Sage Students and Instructors a 10% discount! There are other fast food and sit-down restaurants within 5 minutes of the Center if you don’t mind driving.

You will never have to bring a table or equipment to any of our classes! An email one week before the class date will tell you if you need to bring sheets, etc.

**All of our CE classes are approved by the NCBTMB. Most State Boards accept NCBTMB approved CE classes but some may not, i.e. the Pennsylvania State Board does not accept CE classes for business, insurance, marketing, or practice building. It is your responsibility to make sure the CE class you are taking is accepted for your state’s licensure. If there is any paperwork an instructor needs to fill out to have his/her CEs accepted by your State Board, we will be happy to do so!

If you’re planning to stay overnight please choose one of the following locations to see nearby lodging: 


Sage Continuing Education is committed to providing our students with the best learning environment possible. We do not sell or endorse any products. We ask that both students and instructors do not bring products to sell or information about products to our Center, unless it relates directly to the class the instructor is teaching. Thank you!