Jim Earley, LMT

NCBTMB Provider #1660


Jim Earley is entering his 30th year as an LMT and 11th year as an instructor. Jim teaches a variety of classes, including Sports Massage, Advanced Sports Massage, Event Sports Massage, Sports Stretching, Massage Tools for the Sports Massage Therapist, Pin and Release Techniques and Cupping. He currently works with 38 teams at 19 different colleges and universities and teaches Sports Massage classes as well to share knowledge he has learned with other therapists.

Jim has developed Cupping classes and has been teaching them for the past 4 years.  He has a Cupping 1 class, which is an introduction to Cupping Techniques, static and sliding, plastic vacuum and silicone cups. In this class, we focus on upper and lower body and the student will be comfortable performing cupping techniques at the end of the class.

Cupping 2 is the latest addition and includes Facial Cupping, Abdominal Cupping, and Cupping with Range of Motion.  Facial will be very useful for massage therapists and estheticians as the uses include spa (facelifting) and TMJ as well as sinus/lymph drainage. Cupping 2 also includes Cupping with Range of Motion for upper and lower body to aid in increased range of motion.

Cupping 3 is almost complete and will be ready to go this spring and will concentrate on cupping for various populations (mature aging, compromised clients).  It will use silicone cups only.

Cupping 4 is also in the works for next cycle.

Thanks for all your support!  Love having all of you in class!

Contact Info:

443 745 3591